Do you know about all the changes being made on your clients’ WordPress sites?

Probably not. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

That’s why we built Stream.

Stream is a free plugin that tracks every change made by logged-in users. It’s like an audit trail for everything that happens in the WP Admin.

Now you can easily…

• Keep track of what your clients are doing in WordPress (or what they’re not doing).
• Know exactly what change may have caused a problem, who did it, and when.
• See if site editors are doing things they shouldn’t, like deleting activated plugins, switching themes…or trashing the Front Page!
• Filter and search through activity history to get only the information you need instead of drinking from a firehose of data.

Stream is developed, maintained and supported by the folks at X-Team, a WordPress VIP Featured Partner agency fueled by developers who love contributing to WordPress core and giving back to the community.